Unrefined first-grade sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is a vegetable fatty oil made of sunflowers, or of their seeds, to be specific.It 's hard to overestimate the importance of sunflower oil both in the household use and in production. Sunflower oil can be added almost to every dish. It is used for frying and flavouring food all around the world. It is also used to make sauces such as, our favourite mayonnaise. It is also used in pharmacology for the manufacture of tinctures and ointments.

Sunflower meal

Sunflower meal is a residual obtained after extracting sunflower oil from sunflower seeds. The meal is an essential food additive for pet food due to the protein it contains and its quality indicators. Since the meal is a residual from sunflower oil production, it contains a significant amount of phospholipids and vitamin E. As a result, the meal is a high-energy feed, and its content in the diet is usually 7 to 10%.

Sunflower husk pellets

Sunflower husk pellets are an excellent alternative to the traditional types of fuel due to their low price amid rising prices for energy sources. In addition to their economic efficiency, the use of pellets has a positive impact on the environment. This is exactly why the European countries are using biofuel more and more often. Pellets are produced by pressing agricultural waste. Sunflower husk is the most popular raw material for the production of pellets. Ukraine has an enormous potential for the production of this type of fuel. It has enough production facilities to satisfy the domestic demand and to export the product.

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